Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Ever since we cast our eyes on Leather Parrot, a mixed media work by Zim & Zou from late last year, we've been looking high and low for all manner of flighty inspiration. Zim & Zou's keen use of Herm├Ęs leather scraps starts our quick flit on the avian kingdom.

With spring in the air, we're looking for ways to make the nights in more fun. Bird Bingo fits the bill with its educational take on an old favourite. Intriging illustrations by Christine Berrie ensure you'll be identifying Gouldian Finches from Golden Orioles and Bohemian Waxwings from Toco Toucans.

The last time we popped into Koskela we spied Leila Jeffries large-scale photographs of native birds on the walls. This one is Commander Skyring, Gang-Gang Cockatoo. We love it.
The dodo may long be extinct, but Red Hong Yi's rendering in flower petals leaves us smiling.

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