Friday, 30 August 2013


While birds are aflutter we think that owls are popping up as a trend across the spectrum, from fashion to art and beyond. So overwhelmed were we by the breadth of owl renderings we stumbled on while compiling Bird Watching, we decided to split owls into their own little feature to highlight this wondrous creature's influence. We're taking off with Andy Harman's incredulous The Owl spotted on Amanda Talbot's Instagram. With the largest stretching to 35 feet tall, it's macrame taken to the extreme.

We reckon Mulbery's 2013 Winter campaign is one of the coolest we've seen.

Nocturnal by nature, owls have powerful vision. House of Holland have tapped in with their range of big dark glasses, perfect for night owls wandering home as the sun rises.

No need for the boys to miss out, Agi & Sam's Topman collaboration is inspired by owls and 1990s football shirts all expertly photographed by bird fancier Luke Stephenson.

We simply love Anna-Wili Highfield's paper sculptures, particularly her winged wonders like this Long Eared Owl. We're saving our pennies for future possession. And we're rather fond of Gary Heery's Owl #13

With some 200 species of owl scattered around the globe, Antarctica and parts of Greenland excluded, it's little wonder that owls symbolise different things across the globe. While wisdom is generally accepted in the west, owls are associated with sorcery in parts of South America. Regardless, we think owls are inspirational and look forward to seeing their influence in the future. We'll end with Goya's The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, with the owls here representing folly.

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