Wednesday, 23 January 2013


London Underground is celebrating 150 years of hurtling sqillions of passengers around its tunnels beneath one of the world's buzziest cities. Commonly referred to as the Tube, this network of tunnels has played host to a raft of films, including the latest action-packed Bond, Skyfall. A brief history can be found at The Guardian, including a list of songs inspired by the depths of this iconic network. We've rounded up a few other underground inspirations.

If this stellar scene was part of our commute, well we'd be on the train more often. It's one of Toledo's new underground stations in Italy designed by William Kentridge.

A disused rail tunnel in Mittagong is home to Li-Sun Exotic Mushrooms, where tours run a few times a year. A must for foodies.

Going underground in Paris is not for the squeamish. Deep under the world's romance capital, eager tunnelers can visit the Catacombes de Paris and see thousands and thousands of human skulls, tour the city's popular sewers or visit a secret nightclub.

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