Tuesday, 18 December 2012


One of our favourite projects this year is Rethink: The Way You Live. Published by Murdoch Books, its innovative approach 'reveals the ways we can weave creativity, sustainability, quality and technology into our life and home,' which as the design team behind it, we can attest to.

We worked closely with the author Amanda Talbot of Snoop fame, and publisher Tracy Lines to ensure the end-product challenged expectations and delivered a fresh approach. In essence the book is all about integrated communities and being future ready. It was our goal to create a paralleling visual interpretation of the key trends identified in each chapter. This rich tapestry of imagery illustrates how people all over the world are shifting the way they live; it highlights the trending similarities and shows the diversity of how these shifts are being interpreted in different ways.
For a vibrant and contemporary accent which threads through the pages, we specified a vivid green spot colour and a small hole drilled from the cover title through every page. The latter could be seen as irreverent or even irrelevant, but is intended to raise the question ‘why’? It can represent the fact that all the ideas within the book are inherently connected and encourage readers to think about their own perspective.
Along with author and publisher, we're proud of Rethink: The Way You Live. It's out now. Grab your copy from book stores everywhere.

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