Wednesday, 12 September 2012


It's Spring! And we are seeing radiant colours and hypnotic patterns everywhere. We're kicking off with Kirra Jamison's print Callow (pictured), which made us sit up with joy as we marvelled her abstract forms coupled with brilliant colour.

Treat your toes to a lick of opaque pastel paint from Mecca (the yellow is Jocelyn named after our client Jocelyn Petroni), get a pair of vibrant Marimekko designed Converse trainers and then hit the galleries for more blinding inspiration.

We fell in love with Rachel Castle's work through her exhibition at Koskela earlier in the year, and ever since we've been dreaming of seeing this on our wall.

Far from home rightly coloured houses, or possibly tents, create patterns in beautiful Finnish landscapes, whimsically painted by Katja Ă–hrnberg.

Taking a sculptural approach, Jacob Hashimoto weaves together bamboo, paper and fabrics to create kite-like assemblages that are a joy to marvel.

Darting from corner to corner, side to side and top to bottom, Jessica Geron's paintings give your eyes a workout. And we're addicted!

And what better way to cap off our round-up of vibrancy than with vivacious ladies talking up their sartorial splendour? This inspiring clip speaks for itself. Style icon Anna Piaggi passed away last month, but we're sure her spirited sense of colour and pattern clash will live on.

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