Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Colour and pattern is airborne this week with butterflies proving to be an enduring inspiration for art and design, from Warhol to Hirst. We've had our nets out and nabbed a few of our favourites below. To get started we're marvelling Maria Fernanda Cardoso's wondrous wing arrangements, which show Mother Nature's artistic flair at work in compellingly compositions (above).

We have since fallen for Eiji Watanbe's butterflies, hand-cut from books and plastered over walls and ceilings, these butterflies have whimsy in spades.

Well-known for his penchant for the humble butterfly, we mentioned the Damien Hirst few weeks back. We have since learnt that his recent retrospective not only featured real butterflies in one installation, but also netted Tate Modern a cool £6 million. And of course there was Warhol with 1955's Happy Butterfly Day (above), which hints at his soon-to-be-famous use of repetition.

We'll rest our wings with Robyn Stacey's enchanting Beau Monde (yellow) from 2006. You can see more from this series on Stills Gallery's website.  In case you were wondering schmetterling is German for butterfly.

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