Monday, 31 October 2011


We're loving Lanvin's Autumn 2011/Winter 2012 clip. We've been watching it for weeks and we're dreaming of cutting the rug in style next season.


Thursday, 27 October 2011


With the advent of Smartphones visuals are working overtime to pinpoint where we are and what we're doing. We're enjoying these ephemeral explorations around the globe charting Tweets and Flickr posts through to text messaging and on foot journeys. iPhone Fireflies (above) charted 880 iPhones as they moved around Europe in April 2011.

Popularity comes into play with this map of New York City charted by popular jogging routes.

See something or say something plots recent tweet and Flickr posts. Above is London by Eric Fischer.

Peter Wildman's Breathe video uses text messages that create a cacophony of message alerts at peak texting times. As text messages are sent, phones light up illuminating more clearly the word breathe while various beeps and bleeps mimic the sounds of crickets on hot summer days.


Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Jazzy grooves and cocktails go hand in hand on balmy summery evenings, with the two fusing beautifully at hip destination Sevva overlooking Hong Kong Harbour and the bustling city below. Bonnie Gokson, the brains behind Sevva and the recently opened Ms B's Cakery, has just released a CD featuring some of her favourite tunes. Selected from Sevva's bar playlist, which Bonnie puts together to ensure the mood is perfect, the CD can now be enjoyed at home to relive the the Sevva experience.


With temperatures rising we're turning to chilled treats to cool down. Amazing sundaes with lashings of homemade chocolate, rocky road, honeycomb, marshmallows, meringue and fudge topped off with fresh strawberries are the perfect indulgences to share with friends on languid summer evenings. And if they're too rich, like the one from Mickey's above, there is always coconut, or the more exotic black sesame ice cream both from Passionflower in Chinatown. The pear and rhubarb option at Gelato Messina's on Victoria St is always a winner, as is blood orange gelato from the soon to reopen Pompei on Bondi Beach. We can't wait.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wiggin' Out: Shenzhen

Last time we Wigged' Out we were deep in PonPonPon land. We're just back from Shenzhen where the PonPonPon experience was had in real time. Bladerunneresque city scenes with eye-melting neons coupled with streets crowded with young hipsters in groovy fashions ensured lashings of fun and lots of laughs. In this very surreal world every new corner turned offered unexpected viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


We couldn't help but make comparison to Art and About and even to Björk when we saw these images from the Dumbo Arts Festival, which has just wound up in NYC's Brooklyn. As Above – So Below is a boldly graphic work, which is part of Immersive Surfaces, a public video projection exhibition curated by Leo Kuelbs. The artists responsible for this astounding interactive video mapping project are John Ensor Parker, Simon Anaya, Farkas Fulop, Richard Jochum, Johnny Moreno, and Ryan Uzilevsky who have taken brilliance to a new level. Images: Josef Pinlac.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Thursday, 13 October 2011


We have been quite taken by perspective lately, evident in last week's Step Effect post. This week our attention turns to reflection, in particular mirrors that trick and tickle us. We mentioned Shanghai's Alter last week, but this week we're peering into the dressing rooms (above) with their mind-altering curvature. 

Splintered: Almost two years ago, the Scrigno Sideboard by the Campana Brothers made of use shards of acrylic Reflex to create these cabinets. With doors opened, references to mythological winged creatures can be made.

Lunar Vision: Recently exhibited in Paris, Waste Landscape, 2010 makes our minds boggle when we consider just how many CDs were used. We love the effect and only wish we could have explored it.

Mosaic Madness: Currently on show in the Art Gallery of NSW's Contemporary wing is Ugo Rondinone's What do you want? With reclining clown and mosaic mirrored wall, the voice over both unsettles and amuses.

Looking Glass: If we could have a penthouse we reckon we might pick A Penthouse in Berlin. With pummeled mirror forms stretching throughout, we're loving how colour and form is reverberated and ever so slightly abstracts. 

Popped-up Posh: Nicola Formichetti took the pop-up shop to new extremes earlier this year in New York City. With WOW factor off the scale, it's little surprise that the man behind this store has dressed Lady GaGa and was Creative Director for Mugler. We're spellbound.

Shanghai Shapes: The newly opened Shanghai Museum of Glass is one of a 100 new museums opened over the last ten years in Shanghai. We're loving the kaleidoscopic effect above, which we're gathering must be what it's like to visit Shanghai on a cultural level.

Calmdown: After the myriad mirror forms above, we'd be happy to crash in the Curiosity Suite contently lit by pigeon with a simple mirrored cube by our side.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Usually associated with dusty museums, taxidermy is enjoying a renaissance. From uber chic Parisian hotel suites to cool new dining digs in London, this art form is being embraced by a new generation of taxidermists to cast warm glows over hot new interiors. The taxidermy trend was noted a few years back through the work of Alex Randall, who has been making a mark for herself creating stunning lighting installations for the likes of Ted Baker and Liberty. Alex's slightly surreal lamps are now lighting up London's The Riding House Café, where stuffed pigeons with wings outstretched seem to carry light to where it's needed. Meanwhile squirrels scale the walls bringing a hunting lodge feel inner city Fitzrovia. Across the channel in Paris, Alex's lamps are in residence in the Curiosity Case Suite in boutique hotel La Maison on Champs Élysées. Decorated by Martin Margiela, this suite casts back to 17th century Wunderkamers, aka Cabinets of Curiosities, for inspiration. With darkened hues and intriguing displays, this suite too is lit by pigeon. It seems taxidermy is back, with discerning punter undisturbed by watching eyes.


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Playlist: Planet Björk

Confirming our hunch that Björk may indeed be from another realm, her much anticipated new album Biophilia, lands this week. With this release Björk has embraced new technology creating a galactic new website taking browsers into deep space while stellar new iPhone and iPad apps take musical art into new orbits. Each track is also an app with visuals and educational components, as the grabs above and below illustrate. In fact, the upcoming tour not only promises intimate and personal venues, but also science lectures, a nod to the pedagogical perspectives that underpinned the creation of this album. While other bands have created albums using iPads, Björk has soared to new heights using touch screens to not only mix, but write too. It's interactive madness and we can't wait to delve deeper as this inventive marketing campaign launches into hyper drive.

Monday, 10 October 2011


We may have missed our Curtain Call, but we still think Ron Arad's visionary installation that finished  in London a little back is nothing short of spectacular. Click here to see some of the projections by well-known artists including David Shrigley and Ori Gersht not to mention fashionista Husein Chalayan. We couldn't help but see links to last week's Art & About post.


Friday, 7 October 2011


Tsunami 1.26 is an eye-popping installation by American artist Janet Echelman (above). We're impressed by how the intersection of Park and George Streets has been transformed into a site of wonder. Janet's colourful light and airy structures hover above the street contrasting with the skyscrapers that sit even higher. Art & About has always been interested in invigorating city space, and this year is no different with the lane ways coming alive as you delve into them. Things go a little 'Harry Potter' on Mullins Street and Market Row (below) with Deconstructing Ways by Isidro Blasco. At first glance things seem normal enough yet when you reach the intersection a mesmerising alternate path emerges. On Skittle Lane Heidi Axelsen, Hugo Moline and Andriano Pupilli have installed Peri[pheral]scopes: looking-over to the over-looked, which peaks curiosity bringing into view glimpses of other parts of the city.


Everyone likes a party so we think these images need little explanation. Whether the explosions of colour come from Rebecca Baumann's arty shindigs or party poppers closer to home, the mood is very much celebratory. With summer looming, we're feeling as inspired as the creators here, be they artists, bakers or bow tie makers. From top left: Untitled, 2009, Rebecca Baumann; Confetti International, 2007, Rebecca Baumann; Black Light Party, Bec Heath; Rainbow layer cake by Vassoulla Francis; Improvised Smoke Device, 2010, Rebecca Baumann; Forage bow tie; and Fairy Bread by Daniel Ioannou.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Since our recent Going Up post, we're seeing stairs everywhere! Here are more designers and architects putting stairs to perspective-challenging use. We love the Alter store in Shanghai (above) with its playful Escher-esque dimension. Shoppers beware: the 'altering' effect is only enhanced with mannequins randomly suspended from the walls and ceiling.

Explore with care: Abiko House (above) in Tokyo appears to be a spatial conundrum. We're reminded of Zaha Hadid's MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts in Rome, which took out the 2010 RIBA Stirling Award. In Zaha's flowing form, stairs seem to appear only when needed.

Dutch courage: the adventurous in the Netherlands are also taking stairs to new heights with an Observation Tower by UN Studio (above). Soaring 134 metres into the sky, the tower will give unprecedented views over the adjacent nature park and beyond.

For the fit but not fainthearted: our final instalment is the Puma store in Tokyo (above). Literally spiralling the walls, the effect of these stairs is impressive but we're hoping there are some very tall sales assistants for the height-challenged.