Thursday, 30 June 2011

Fontificate: Portly

Regular readers already know we eagerly await each new issue of Eye, especially the exceptional typography specials. The current issue is no exception. As a passion for magazines pumps in our blood we were particularly interested in the feature on new men’s mag Port. Tired of men's magazines obsessed with sex and celebrity, publishers Dan Crowe (also editor), Kuchar Swara and Matt Willey wanted to create a magazine that they themselves wanted to read. You can read more about the process in an informative interview on Creative Review's blog. Hailed for its simplicity of design and smart use of white space, it was the creation of custom font Port 1 which impressed us most. Fingers crossed it hits the spot with the boys! Images: Launch cover above, sample spreads from Eye 79.

Personality Portfolio

Billy Blue's midway point graduate exhibition, Vol No.1 - Personality Portfolio, is on this Friday at Paddington's Global Gallery. It's the first of two shows for 2011 that focus on young designer's personalities and how they emanate from their work. It's a point of difference from the usual graduate show, and we're looking forward to glimpsing fresh work from new talent.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Beaming Down

Creative Review recently ran an informative piece about Brand Toys, a website designed to give brands an alternate take on how their brands are perceived by their consumers across the globe. Little brand characters are formed by data, one set from a report produced by Millward Brown and the other based on brand chatter through social media search engine Social Mention. Colour and form plays a part, and judging by Coca Cola's red gorilla, Indian consumers are happy. Beware storm clouds, they mean the people are not pleased.

This is: Quilty

You may be expecting us to be writing about Ben Quilty's recent Archibald win with his portrait of Margaret Olley. But we're not, we're turning our attention to the quirkiness of Olivia Parsonage's quilty works (above) recently shown at Newcastle's Podspace gallery. Olivia's sell-out show featured all manner of crafty creations with a strong design element that would make any nanna proud. In a shift of direction, Olivia's latest work uses the comic format in quilting style. It sounds wrong but it works with startling effect. And encouraging us to enjoy art off the wall, David Bromley (below) has turned his talents to bedding. These quilts are guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart as well as your toes!

Percussive brilliance

We'll admit we're a little slow with our report on Synergy Percussion, but there was nothing slow about this show. We can unreservedly say that this was an a-mazing percussion performance. We're thankful our ears are still ringing with aural pleasure, and our soul still a little rocked by drumming. Another memorable night at Angel Place.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Flashback: 1955

We recently stumbled upon the nifty Nostalgia Factory in Kangaroo Valley, a place where time has slowed and knick-knacks from bygone eras gather. With a treasure trove of choice from vintage vinyl to old movie posters, and Phantom comics to pocket-sized Playboys our eyes eventually rested with Australia's very own risque PIX magazine. Scandal, sensationalism, human-interest stories, fashion, politics, culture and entertainment were the mainstay of this 1950s to 1970s magazine which, at the height of its popularity was read by millions. As rollerskating fans, we put our stoppers down with this March 1955 issue.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Wiggin' Out: Yoshi Sodeoka

If Yöshi Sodeöka's works are anything to go by, then our sneaking suspicion that this New York based artist and musician is into Wiggin' Out may well be true.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

How green is your garden?

Nature is under the microscope and here are few feather-light fancies we've seen spring from dragonflies to dresses. We start with a decidedly English flavour where in parks across London, Spontaneous Cities (4) have popped up all over town with their miniature forms inspired by nature's premiere architects, bees. Princess Catherine had the world a twitter - and British bees a buzzing - about her wedding bouquet. The subtle posy was praised for its reference to Royal traditions and the significance of each species chosen in relation to her vows. Fortunately the bees were given a rest for the cake which featured some 900 flowers painstakingly recreated in sugar. With Heston's Feast currently airing on SBS, Heston Blumenfeld demands a mention as he makes use of his edible garden to serve up treats from bygone eras. We were just a little stunned to see how appetising stuffed crickets from Victorian times looked, and while queasy at the thought, we reckon if 'Heston Says' we'd try it. If indulging in such delights 'al fresco', then we've found the perfect cloche at the Milan Furniture Fair... an Optical Wand by Here and (T)here (3) makes reverse use of a bug catcher to keep those critters out. Closer to our own hive, the great outdoors is proving inspirational in more ways than one. Josh Goot (1) has looked to Photosynthesis for his Spring/Summer 2011 range. Dinosaur Designs (2) have channelled their inner insect into another covetable collection, and butterflies adorn more than the cakes at Ms. B's Cakery (5) in Hong Kong. See more about our branding for Ms. B's Cakery here.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Snap: Birthday Smile 5.37PM

Chick ahead

We recently stumbled upon Christopher Boffoli's charming work with miniatures. We can only imagine the conversation taking place as the workmen above aim to fix that pot hole.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sate: Tapping into Tapas

We often say that the small things can bring the greatest pleasure, and tapas is no exception. Encasa, a little Spanish restaurant just down the road, serves tantalising tapas and sangria to keep the feast alive. Old favourites like Patatas Bravas are the perfect accompaniment for Pinchos de Pollo con Mojo (chicken skewers with red capsicum, olive oil, cumin and vinegar) and perennial favourite Chorizo a la Plancha.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Fading fast

One of the highlights of Vivid this year has been the Sydney Opera House and the graphic projections referencing the building's iconic profile. Bold shapes, line and light have provided a stellar visual feast for many from across the water. Getting close up is what it's all about at Custom's House while outside the MCA its all touchy feely -  interaction with one work and your body's imprint is left behind for just a while. Brave the cold, you won't regret it.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Flicking good fun

The Sydney Film Festival is just days away. As with previous years the program is bursting with tempting films, and with so many great options it will be a challenge to pick just a few. So far top of our hit list is Tom Twyker's new film Three, which sees him back in Germany, and we're keen to catch Isabella Rossellini's latest, Animals Distract Me. It seems this film is aptly named for the actress. In 2008 Isabella won the Sydney Film Festival Audience Award for her Green Porno animations which depicted the surreal sex life of insects played by Isabella herself. 

Friday, 3 June 2011