Monday, 30 May 2011


Coming up with visual concepts for a gourmet cake shop in a presentation-obsessed gastronomic culture such as Hong Kong was an exciting design challenge for This is Ikon. Ms.B’s Cakery, which opened with great fanfare recently, is a bespoke bakery offering cakes that look as amazing as they taste. Ikon was invited to create the branding for Ms.B’s Cakery by its founder Bonnie Gokson, an icon of the Asian fashion and food scene. We had previously worked with Bonnie on the visual concepts for her hit Hong Kong restaurant, SEVVA.

Ikon’s branding, which extends from the MS.B’s Cakery interior, signage, boxes and bags to delivery trucks, had to look stunning and complement the sweet offerings, yet could not upstage the star attractions: the cakes. In design terms, it was a fine line to tread. The colour palette was inspired by nature, specifically butterflies and beetles, which morphed into abstract, exotic hues, from jewel-like to day-glo. A rich charcoal was chosen as a base to make these gorgeous colours pop.

An interesting experience involving colour and light occurred when developing the colour palette; hues that ‘sang’ in the antipodean summer light looked almost dull in the South-east Asian light. Ikon had to send Pantone swatches to the client to ensure the colours would work as beautifully in the Hong Kong cakery as they did in Ikon’s Sydney studio.

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