Thursday, 9 December 2010

Year in Review: Part 1

Annual reports normally conjure visions of lengthy lists of figures and impenetrable text within conservative corporate covers. Here at Ikon, we're inspired by those striving to shift the status quo.

Ringier, a Zurich media conglomerate have been securing the services of big name artists to enliven the numbers for quite a few years now. American artist John Baldessari references the movies with his choice of intriguing imagery for 2009. Fellow American Richard Prince punctuated his 2005 version with comics, cartoons and some rather quirky jokes, while Richard Phillips inserts unexpected humour into the pages of the report with his pop paintings reflecting his signature style.

Closer to home, albeit back in the 1950s, Don Fish produced annual reports for the Commonwealth Bank which featured elegant illustrations of the time. We were reminded of their magnificence after flicking through a back issue of SoHi.

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