Thursday, 16 December 2010

We're dreaming...

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we'd be a little self indulgent and embrace the wish list concept with gusto. We took a quick whip around the studio to see which covetable gift each of our team was hoping might make it into their Christmas stocking this year. While it appears some of us are bigger dreamers than others, we're all drinking to fun times and good health.

Kate gets into the spirit of things with an elegant Henry Moore inspired Flow bangle from Dinosaur Designs and is looking forward to sipping Negroni on Christmas Day. Sarah doesn't think she'll be swayed to drink anything else other than her favourite cocktail, a Moscow Mule, while wearing the object of her affection, a Willow dress from the Bachelor Girl collection. Meanwhile, Bettina will be sipping an Amaretto Sour as her Christmas Cleaner keeps everything just so in the background. We all thought a cleaner was a terrific Christmas present idea, the gift that keeps giving.

Reading is on Maree's mind with two books high on her wish list, Shaun Micallef's Preincarnate and Paul Kelly's How to Make Gravy. As for her Christmas tipple, Maree is going for the a Brazilian Caipirinha. We imagine Bernardo will be sipping Caipirinha's too, seeing as his wish has already materialised with a trip to his homeland Brazil where he's visiting family and friends. Meanwhile, David has his rose-tinted glasses firmly fixed and is picturing a very strong Santa delivering a lovely new Giulietta. And if Santa happens to follow through, David says Krug all round.

From the team at This is Ikon, we wish everyone a jolly festive season and a smashing New Year.

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