Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Inspiration: Sculpture by the Sea & Edit Group

Edit showroom

Kelly-Ann Lees. urchins. Sculpture by the Sea, bondi 2008. Photo Matthew O’Sullivan

Being exposed to international design wherever you are fires the imagination and sparks fresh thinking. Australians have always been a fan of this concept and continue to make their own mark on the global stage. With sculpture speaking an international language understood by all, events such as ‘Sculptures by the Sea’ whether in Bondi Australia or Aarhus Denmark are one source of creative exchange.

Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2009, the 13th annual exhibition, is on from 29 October - 15 November 2009. Check our their new website

Accessing another international gateway is Ikon client and constant source of inspiration, EDIT. On a recent trip to New York, EDIT met Studio Four, a new, young and energetic team that in their own words is ‘committed to enabling the imaginations of the design community through unique, custom products’. EDIT’s glorious range of fabrics are now in Studio Four’s smart showroom, giving the Australian brand exposure to interior designers in New York and beyond.

Next stop Hong Kong, destination SEVVA. Ikon and EDIT were thrilled to collaborate on Bonnie Gokson’s current venture. To take a tour just follow this link.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Folio - Issue 2

The new issue of Folio is out now.

Art and About: Crave Sydney

If you’re a member of the Sydney community, whether temporary or permanent, October is the perfect time to embrace the arts.

Ikon recently visited the combined exhibition of Melbourne artist Louise Burfardeci and Japanese artist Zon Ito at the MCA. While we found Ito's mixed media works interesting, it was Burfardeci's works which captured our mind with her abstract interpretations of statistical data. Burfardeci collects data from opinion polls and the national census to create colour charts, maps and architectural diagrams that draw playful attention to biases and inequalities. The exhibition will be open until the 25th of this month. Check it out here

Also happening throughout this month is Crave, a celebration of Sydney’s unforgettable food, art, comedy and landscape. A great part of this celebration is Art & About, a collection of artworks being exhibited in the outdoor spaces of the City. The project is energizing laneways, parks, galleries and public spaces across the city all month, for everyone to enjoy.


Another great initiative making a return this year is ‘Open Gallery’, featuring 10 striking new works from Aboriginal artists living in NSW. These are being exhibited on banners above the main roads of the city for all to see.

For More info head to