Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Sevva - Packaging

We previously mentioned the 'Sevva - Hong Kong' project. had some really nice work come out of it. The development process was fun, and the end result was even more satisfying. One of our favourite components of this project was the packaging. Lovely Package agree, featuring our work here.

Drawing inspiration from the romance of old-fashioned European patisseries, along with a selected palette of pink, chocolate, white and gold, we infused these rich elements with bold stripes and a deconstructed doily pattern and applied them across various cake boxes, tissue paper, ribbon, carry bags and stickers.

When next in Hong Kong visit Sevva & Ms B.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


So I'm waitinig for a coffee the other day, I look to the table next to me and staring right back at me is one of our beloved clients on the front cover of 'the Sydney Magazine'. Check it out Sharyn Storrier Lyneham from 'EDIT'. If you'd like to know more about EDIT please visit www.edit-group.com.au or check out one of our previous posts;


Tuesday, 16 September 2008

URBIS - Issue 45 'the 10th Anniversary'

The tenth anniversary special edition of Urbis magazine is out. To celebrate in style it features a sumptuous gold fabric and elegant foil cover.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Oily Magazine - Issue 1 & 2

This one's for a new client. It's a quarterly newsletter featuring their products and business development, which is all about essential oils. Launched with a new format, OIly has a seasonal theme each issue and an awesome print job which reflects the company's strong ethical approach and respect for the environment. View it online or register to receive your copy at http://www.seoc.com.au/

URBIS - Issue 44

Check out latest issue. It's possibly our favourite Urbis cover.

Sevva - Hong Kong

Style icon Bonnie Gokson is renowned for her image creation and product design. Her latest project Sevva (pronounced "savour") is a unique destination offering two restaurants, a lounge area and taste bar as well as Ms B, a decadent cake shop. We were thrilled to be involved, and work in collaboration on such an exciting project with Bonnie. When next in Hong Kong, a visit to Sevva and Ms B is a must.

Ikon this is...

Sorry everyone, we put the blog on hiatus as things got a little hectic around the studio. But we're back now... so stay tuned there's a few interesting little things coming up.